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I began my first career in Electrical Engineering, after graduating in 1991 with BSc (Hons.) degree from Nottingham Trent University. I joined East Midlands Electricity (now PowerGen) as a graduate trainee, a rarity being the only female professional engineer in the company at that time. During my 8 years with them, I had a variety of positions, including technical design work, on-site construction projects, managing teams of staff and high profile corporate projects. I also gained two post-graduate management qualifications, through Nottingham Trent University.
In 1999, I took advantage of the opportunity for redundancy. This provided me with the chance to take a new career direction – having become disillusioned with the macho culture, narrow minded and linear thinking of the engineering industry.

Having been immersed since my childhood in Hindu traditions and being born into the Brahmin caste, I have over a quarter of a century of first hand experience of Yogic philosophy and practice. From my personal experience of stress as well as witnessing the frequent and often destructive levels of stress amongst former employees and friends, I chose to apply my own understanding of Yoga to the benefit of people in this Western culture. In 2002, I gained my Teaching Diploma through the British Wheel of Yoga – the UK’s recognised Yoga organisation. I am in the process of writing my first book.


Yoga has been frequently promoted in the West as an ‘exercise regime’, whereas I truly believe more in its therapeutic value, and this is what I focus upon through my privately run classes and Yoga Therapy.
My teaching philosophy is based upon a combination Classical Indian Yoga with tenets of Western Humanistic philosophy, as expressed in the person-centred approach. My emphasis is to encourage the student’s understanding and experience of what is happening for them through their Yoga practice – and not striving to achieve ‘what ought to happen’. This, I believe, leads to true personal growth and self-understanding. Therefore, my aim would be for you to enjoy your practice, and to experience the benefits – so that it becomes a ‘living-Yoga’ for you.

As I believe much more in the therapeutic value of practice, as opposed to simply using it as a way to stay physically healthy, I work with whoever wishes to practice at whatever level they are at. I do not classify my courses as ‘Beginners’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’; I feel that labelling levels of classes depending upon posture attainment ability can often breed a feeling of competitiveness and even a sense of failure – this, I deplore. Instead, I use my innate level of sensitivity and my ability to tune-in to the student’s needs that allows me to simply work with where the student is at (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) on that time of practice. Therefore, my classes are termed ‘A Taste of Yoga’ for those new to the practice; ‘Next Steps’ or ‘Further Steps’ – see Yoga Classes for more explanation.

My approach is a gentle un-pressurised one, with the emphasis on encouraging individuals to develop at their own pace, working with how the principles of Yoga philosophy can be integrated into their every day life. I teach my own Yoga approach to a wide range of students, with a variety of health conditions including stress, multiple sclerosis, heart conditions, arthritis, cancer, stroke, depression, ME, head injuries, anxiety, asthma, fibromyalgia, back problems, hernias, the aging process, etc. and can provide testimonies to confirm the benefits achieved by my students through my teaching approach.


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