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Praxis-ppd is a partnership of two individual approaches working towards achieving the same aim – enabling people to change, to grow and develop towards their fullest potential.
The partnership was formed in 1999 by Richard Broadley and Lina Mookerjee.

Richard’s background is in Counselling and Psychotherapy, both as a practitioner, trainer and a university teacher.

Lina’s background is in the field of Yoga Therapy and Teaching, as well as possessing technical and project management experience. They each recognised the value of the other’s individual experiences and original ways of working in the personal development field, and how they could be combined to form a uniquely powerful and effective approach to facilitating change in a person’s life.

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This is headed by Lina, who is responsible for the organisation and delivery of the four components of this area of activity. She combines her first hand experience of living with Yoga (having been brought up in a Hindu Brahmin family) with her Western learning and application of a person-centred approach – which enables her ‘students’ to acquire tangible benefits in their daily lives.

The four components are:
* Weekly yoga classes – in the Nottinghamshire area
* Full day workshops
* Yoga One-to-One tuition
* Yoga essentials and audio products


This is headed by Richard, who is responsible for the delivery and administration of the three components of this area of activity. His practice philosophy which has evolved over two decades, is a dynamic integration of Transactional Analysis and the Person-Centred Approach – both of which he has studied and taught for more than ten years.
The three components are:* Counselling and Psychotherapy with individuals or couples
* Clinical and Training Supervision – for therapists, related professionals, trainers of counselling skills, and counsellor trainers
* Consultancy of various kinds, to individuals, organisations and service providers


This is a joint venture which brings together both Richard’s and Lina’s expertise in their respective fields and combining this in an effective and productive way. They provide a physical and emotional environment that is conducive to sustained learning, as well as encouraging participants to relax and take ‘time-out’ for themselves.

Lina and Richard offer this unique partnership in the following ways:
* Week long retreat/holidays in Cyprus
* Weekend retreats in the U.K

RICHARD BROADLEY has worked in the guidance, counselling and psychotherapy field for many years both as a registered practitioner and, for over 25 years, as a University-based trainer of other professionals. He has organised and facilitated many short courses, workshops & retreats related to personal development, sensitivity training, and self-exploration.


LINA MOOKERJEE gained her Teaching Diploma through the British Wheel of Yoga, under the tutelage of Fay Beddowes. Having been brought up in a Hindu Bengali Brahmin family, she is able to bring to her teaching a depth and richness of Yoga experience which only such a cultural and philosophical heritage can provide. Lina was an engineer for almost 10 years, but her increasing involvement in integrating her learning with a Western humanistic perspective has meant that she is now a full time yoga teacher. Her practical grounding in the western world, combined with her understanding of an Eastern belief system that has underpinned a Yogic approach to everyday living for millennia, has created an holistic style of yoga which is particularly responsive to the physical and spiritual challenges of modern western life. At the root of her teaching is a fundemental respect for and acceptance of each of her students - for who they are and whatever stage they have reached. Through her teaching, her aim is to facilitate students' self-exploration and enable their insightfulness to enhance their daily lives. Her Yoga is truly a living Yoga, and Lina is an emphatic example of this.


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Lina Mookerjee:
tel: (0115) 8471758 fax: (0115) 969 3663

Richard Broadley:
tel: phone: (0115) 969 3396 fax: (0115) 969 3663

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