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Praxis PPD is a fusion of two individual approaches, working towards achieving the same aim – enabling people to change, grow and develop to their fullest potential.

The partnership was formed in 1999 by Richard Broadley and Lina Mookerjee. Richard’s background is in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy, both as a practitioner and a university teacher.

Lina’s background is in the area of Yoga Therapy and teaching, as well as possessing technical and project management experience.

This is headed by Lina, who is responsible for the effective running and facilitation of the practice of Yoga. She combines her unique first hand experience of Yoga practice with her ‘practical’ person centred approach towards teaching the implementation of the benefits of Yoga into every day life. Lina offers Yoga practice in four ways:

Weekly yoga classes – in the Nottinghamshire area

Full day workshops

Yoga One-to-One tuition

Yoga essentials and audio products


This is headed by Richard, who is responsible for the ethical and effective practice of psychotherapy with individual clients. He is an accredited registered practitioner and trainer with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and works to their ethical code of practice. His theoretical approach is essentially person-centred, integrated with Transactional Analysis.

This breaks into 3 areas:

Counselling and psychotherapy

Clinical Supervision



This is a joint venture combining both Richard’s and Lina’s expertise in their respective fields and sharing this in an effective and productive way. They create the environment that is conducive to sustained learning, as well as encouraging participants to relax and take ‘time-out’.

Richard and Lina offer this unique partnership in the following ways:

They realised the value of their own individual experiences and unique ways of working in the personal development field, and how they could be combined together to form a unique powerful and effective approach towards facilitating change in a person’s life.